People in wheelchair going"We are an organization with a diverse workforce operating in a diverse community. The training from diversityworX has enhanced our effectiveness with our constituents and our staff team."

Jim Triantafilou
Executive Director
Brampton Caledon Community Living

"Team members state that after the training sessions with diversityworX, they now understand each other better and can respect their co-workers views with a whole new mind-set"

Morag Fraser
Director of Attendant Services
Participation House - Hamilton & District

"The effective and efficient organization and conduct of focus group sessions among the diverse Muslim communities on caregiver issues and the informative report submitted by Diversity Worx helped the Caregiver Project of Providence Healthcare spearhead its outreach among the Muslim population of Toronto."

Jeyasingh David
Program Manager
Tamil Caregiver Project
Providence Healthcare

Reena, a Jewish agency supporting individuals with developmental disabilities of all religious and cultural backgrounds, is dedicated to their inclusion into the community of their choice.

The presentations made by Rabia Khedr of diversityworX to the course participants of "Religious Tolerance & Cultural Sensitivity" encouraged them to rethink their preconceived views of people different from themselves, which ultimately will help to break down stereotypical barriers.

Rabia played an important role in ensuring cultural sensitivity and appreciation for the diversity of the Reena community.

Arlene Margolese
Manager, Volunteer Services,
Faith & Cultural Services

"Rabia and Zubeda were a real pleasure to work with. Their insights and recommendations were very helpful to the evaluation of our work, and provided useful and concrete suggestions for our next steps."

Lisa Tolentino
Diversity Coordinator
Creating Inclusive Community Organizations project,
Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition

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